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LLC ExpressTransRem was established in 2012 and specializes in providing services in the repair of freight cars and tanks for enterprises that are non-residents in the territory of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Ukraine. We have developed and implemented a scheme for organizing scheduled and depot repairs of any complexity in the shortest possible time, and thanks to professionalism, wide range of services, quality and flexible pricing policy, the Company has gained and strengthened the reputation of a qualified and reliable partner.

Our advantages

  • Fruitful cooperation with major car repair companies;
  • Foreign companies owners of freight cars will feel in safe hands on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • Reduction of the total period of stay of wagons in repair (from 3 to 5 days);
  • Savings on the railway tariff;
  • Accelerated workflow using electronic digital signature;
  • Complex approach: flexible pricing policy and optimal terms of repair;
  • We have operational information about the remains of the necessary spare parts in the depot;
  • The ability to install spare parts at minimum prices.

Service and repair of freight cars

This module will allow on-line implementation and control of scheduled and depot repairs of your rolling stock on the territory of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Ukraine.


  • representation of the owners of freight cars at the WRK of the Russian Federation;
  • tracing of freight cars and the reasons for its stop;
  • the provision of inspection of the freight cars with representatives of the station and our employee;
  • the development of a scheme for finding a depot for the organization of scheduled repairs on the way of the owner's freight cars;
  • control over the quality and timing of depot repairs;
  • provision of spare parts;
  • provide an damage statement by form VU-41 and photos;
  • registration of documents on the withdrawal of freight cars from repair and sending to the owner of the wagons;
  • timely informing the Russian government bodies, entering information into the general database about carrying out repairs.

Tracking of freight cars

This module will effectively control the movement of your freight cars on-line. You can search for freight cars and tanks by inventory number. The latest known information on the disposition of rolling stock is available. Information is provided: station of dislocation, departure, destination, etc.


Purchase and sale of rolling stock

This module offers a service for the sale and purchase of rolling stock and special equipment. Together with the Manufacture Factories and authorized Suppliers, as well as with the Owners of the rolling stock who plan to sell the rolling stock, our Company renders services in the search for the Supplier and formalizes the transaction with the Buyer for the supply of rolling stock.

Spare parts for rolling stock

This module offers a service for the sale of spare parts for rolling stock and specialized equipment.

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